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I Swear Lyrics The Minions

I Swear Minions Lyrics | Minions Song Lyrics: The Song I Swear was released on June 18, 2013, and performed by “The Minions“. The “I Swear Song Lyrics” was written by “Gary Baker & Frank Myers” and produced by “Ali Dee”. I Swear the song has taken from the Album “Despicable Me 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”. All the information related to “I Swear Lyrics” is given below.

I Swear Minions Lyrics | Song Details

📌 Song Title I Swear
🎞️ Album Despicable Me 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
🎤 Singer The Minions
✍ Writer Gary Baker & Frank Myers
💵 Produced By Ali Dee
📅 Release Date June 18, 2013

I Swear Minions Lyrics | English

[minions singing]
Ah lapo da
Talachi matol lina
Labadi hochi
La nochaaa

Wu planachii leh ji
Fuh pa pu seh

Lakareh lireywii
Gih leh byaaa
Mah ke rehhh

Lapahkreh lehguari
Teh lah keh
Lah peh reh

Lahcheh pee libeeda
Ee leh guaaa
Lah gua rehhh

Ley show lee leh duuu
Lah keh rey dee zuuu
Bleh ahh boh dee zu re kah
Zohh reh kah laaa

Leh ah mo de underwear

I Swear Lyrics in Spanish | Traducción Española

[los minions cantan]
Ah lapo la
Lino talachi matol
labadi hochi
la nocheaaa

Wu planachi y agua
Fuh padre pu seh

Ropa interior
Lakareh es lento
Gih y byaaa
Mah es rehhh

Ropa interior
Lapahkreh y la espada
Teh lah keh no está siguiendo a nadie. Autodesk_new
Lah peh reh

Ropa interior
Lahcheh pis libeeda
Si y guaaaa
Lah gua rehhh

ley show lee y duuu
Descargar Mp3 Lah Keh Rey Dee Zuuu Gratis
Bleh ahh boh dee No estoy seguro de qué hacer
Zohh reh disparó laaa
Ropa interior

Consigamos más ropa interior

I Swear Lyrics in PDF


I Swear Lyrics by The Minions | Official Video

I Swear Minions Lyrics | FAQ

When the song 'I Swear' was released?

June 18, 2013

Which Album the song 'I Swear' has taken?

Despicable Me 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Who have sung the song 'I Swear'?

The Minions

Who have written the song 'I Swear'?

Gary Baker & Frank Myers

Who have produced the song 'I Swear'?

Ali Dee

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How to download 'I Swear Lyrics in PDF'?

Go to the song and click on PDF download links at songlyricss.us

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